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Nutritionist, Health Coach, Healthy Cheerleader

My Purpose

Nikki Golly is the only Constipation Nutritionist who utilizes an innovative, proven, 5-step system for men, women, and children around the world who want quick and easy relief from constipation in an era where many of them rely upon doctors who really don't know what’s best and medicine that doesn't work.



For men and women to have happy digestion and a clear mind for a greater life!



To liberate YOU from constipation discomfort! Knowing what negatively affects your health. Optimizing the healing of your gut.Feeling healthy inside and out. And that's only the beginning. Your health will no longer limit you. You will have great energy,vibrancy, and smooth bathroom experiences!

Nikki Golly

My Journey

I silently suffered from a food allergy and major constipation for 27 years before I found real relief and then figured out how to heal myself.  I want to ensure others don’t have to endure the same agony for any time, not to mention the many years I suffered.  I use the knowledge I gained from getting a degree in nutrition and dietetics as well as the expertise I learned from working in a vitamin store for 8 years.  I use this wisdom to help my clients find relief and healing faster. I am on a mission to help families experience the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

- High Vibin' it with Lindsey and Kelsey

Podcasts I have been featured on:

  • Bringing Education Home with Herb and Kristina
  • Urban Farm Podcast w/ Greg Peterson
  • Be You Podcast w/ Kelsey Lane Davidso
  • Super Power Kids w/ Neva Lee Recla

How Are You Doing Now?

Find out if you have a risk for Colon Cancer. Email me today and I'll send you my Colon Cancer Risk Quiz.

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