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Allergy Season Help

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

May is such a beautiful and blossoming month! The trees and plants are blooming in all their glory, providing us with a myriad of sweet fragrances and so many colors…

The downside of these magnificent fragrances and colors is what comes along with them…allergies… womp womp…

Like many others, I grew up an allergy sufferer with all those “fun” symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, constant runny nose, and a sore throat from all the draining down the back of my throat. I tried ALL the over-the-counter medications that I could find, yet they usually let me feeling worse.

It was not until I started working at the health food store in Phoenix that I started learning a few tricks that actually made a difference…

The First Natural Trick is rinsing the nasal cavity with a Neti Pot. Whether you have allergies or not, rinsing out the nasal cavity can be extremely helpful because the little hairs in your nose are designed to catch dust, pet dander, and pollen. Cleaning out the nasal cavity with the Neti Pot helps to flush anything that has gotten stuck or is creating a blockage. Use purified water ONLY in the Neti Pot!

The Second Natural Trick is to take a supplement called Nettle, more specifically Nettle with Quercitin. Stinging Nettle acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm the system, while Quercetin has been shown to have anti-allergenic and antihistamine properties. The product below has made a huge difference for me in lessening the effects of spring, as well as having it around the house for friends and family who are allergic to my kitty.


The Third Natural Trick is to start taking a daily foundational supplement to give the body what it needs to work best. The product that I take daily, all year round, is called Juice Plus. I take this to ensure I get all of my daily nutrients in regardless if I eat the “right” amount of fruits and veggies for the day. I think of it as “health insurance,” as it has helped my body return to homeostasis, which has improved my body’s fight with allergies, among the many other benefits I have noticed.

The Fourth Natural Trick is a little more involved, yet has made the biggest difference for me in all facets of my life – not just with my allergies. It is learning what foods I have allergies to and what foods exacerbate my allergies. I would love to help you figure these out for yourself, as well as getting you to feel the best you have ever felt. Hop on over to my contact me page and let’s set up a conversation.

I can honestly tell you that now that I have been on this journey of health and have learned what foods work best for my body, I now enjoy May, I now enjoy smelling all of the flowers🌺, I now enjoy going on walks in the afternoon, and rarely need any of the above-mentioned tricks anymore. I am allergy-free for the most part and I would love the same for you!

In Allergy Health and Happiness,


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