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What if the norms were different?

Imagine if the norms were different and it was commonplace to talk about our bowel movements. How would it be a different world than we lived in? Would people still be as sick as they are now?

If I could only go back to my younger self and tell her that pooping once a week was not normal, nor very healthy. In retrospect, I appreciate that this happened to me because without this experience, first hand, I would not have been able to help so many people going through digestion dis-eases.

Now, I love talking about poop… it’s one of the side effects of talking about nutrition and health all of the time, they go hand in hand. What goes in must come out!

And if it’s not good for you going in, then the out is not going to be pretty. Something along the lines of stinky, watery, runny, super solid, hard to push (ME), or any varying degree of that spectrum.

Many sick people don’t talk about them being sick or their bowel movements until they are REALLY sick.

I feel that it would make so much more sense if we were to make it a norm again to talk about our bowel movements and help each other feel their best, because we all deserve to feel our best.

Happy pooping!

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